The Changing Impact of Royal Family Health Scares on the Monarchy

Carpenter noted that Queen Elizabeth II’s stoic approach and lack of showing much emotion worked well for her 70-year reign, especially when England was a different place. However, in today’s world, people are accustomed to strangers sharing their personal lives online. While no one is demanding a 24/7 live feed from the royal family, the public appreciates it when the fa├žade cracks.

Carpenter acknowledged the respect for the royal family’s infallible nature and ability to keep calm and carry on, but also noted that showing their human side has softened people’s perceptions of them. Many have softened towards King Charles and the royal family in general by recognizing that they go through the same things as everyone else, even if they do not talk about it in the same way. This sentiment applies to both the side of the family that traditionally neither confirms nor denies and the side that writes books and makes Netflix documentaries.

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