Europe debates permission for Ukraine to launch an attack on Russian soil

On Tuesday, defense ministers from the European Union gathered to discuss the possibility of allowing Ukraine’s Armed Forces to attack Russian territory. At the start of the conflict, Ukraine lacked the capability to launch attacks beyond a few kilometers. Their Air Force was limited, with insufficient firepower to engage Russian fighter-bombers. Without medium and long-range missiles or bombers, Ukraine relied on drones to conduct attacks inside Russia.

However, over time, European nations, the United States, and Canada have provided Ukraine with increasingly sophisticated weaponry. This included artillery howitzers, French Caesars, Himars, enabling Ukraine to target Russian bases near the border and initiate mass attacks on Crimea. Germany’s Taurus missiles could potentially target Moscow from Ukrainian territory.

The question now is whether European countries should grant permission for Ukraine to attack Russian bases. While some governments believe it would be beneficial to allow Ukraine to bomb military targets in Russia, there is no unanimous agreement within the bloc. The ‘European Chancellor’, Josep Borrell emphasized that such actions must adhere to international law and target military installations only and not civilians.

It is up to individual Member States to decide whether they will support Ukrainian attacks on Russia. While some countries have expressed support for such actions, others remain undecided or opposed. French President Emmanuel Macron has indicated that France is willing to allow the use of French weapons for offensive purposes if necessary. The final decisions of each government will shape the extent of Ukraine’s military actions against Russia.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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