French Open aurait signé un accord de 650 millions de dollars sur 10 ans avec TNT Sports, selon des rapports

In 2025, the French Open will be moving networks in the United States as Warner Bros. Discovery has secured a sports television rights deal for the tournament. This 10-year, $650 million deal will see the French Open broadcast on WBD’s networks, Max and Bleacher Report. The tournament has been televised on NBC every year since 1983, with a brief stint on CBS in between.

However, this significant deal does not mean that Warner Bros. Discovery is abandoning its pursuit of NBA broadcast rights. Despite reports that Disney, Amazon, and NBCUniversal are also bidding for these rights in the next package, which expires after the 2024-25 season, WBD is determined to remain competitive in the bidding process.

Meanwhile, TNT Sports recently announced a sublicense agreement with ESPN to broadcast two first-round playoff games for each of the next five seasons. Starting in 2026, TNT will acquire rights to broadcast two quarterfinal games each year for the remainder of the deal. This move highlights the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting rights and the competition between major networks for premium content like the NBA playoffs and the French Open.

Overall, it seems that sports broadcasting rights are becoming increasingly valuable as networks compete for exclusive access to some of the most popular sporting events in North America.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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