Policy uninterested in purchasing rooftop solar power

In a recent Impact Assessment Report, the Ministry of Industry and Trade presented its views on the draft mechanism and policy aimed at promoting self-consumed rooftop solar power. According to the report, the ministry sees rooftop solar power connected to the grid as a positive development. However, the policy does not include provisions for buying and selling this type of energy.

The ministry emphasizes that while renewable energy is encouraged, the complexities involved in buying and selling excess electricity pose challenges, especially in a developing country like Vietnam. Past experiences have shown that solar power generation can be inconsistent due to factors like cloudy weather and rain. This leads to challenges in maintaining stable electricity supply as Vietnam heavily relies on solar power. The ministry believes that immediate additional background power sources are necessary to prevent power outages and ensure grid stability.

The Government Standing Committee has requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to develop policies that encourage the use of renewable energy while ensuring fair benefits. The committee emphasized that regulations on electricity trading should be such that it encourages the sale of excess electricity with conditions. The Ministry highlighted the need for investments in systems to store and transmit excess energy, which could be costly for the state.

Furthermore, the draft policy allows for the installation of on-grid and off-grid inverters for solar power systems. While on-grid systems are more cost-effective, off-grid systems are expensive but necessary to store excess energy. The ministry insists that the government’s primary goal is to promote self-consumed rooftop solar power for personal use rather than commercial purposes. However, the policy emphasizes that the inclusion of storage and transmission systems for excess energy can be expensive and may not align with Vietnam’s current infrastructure capabilities.

In summary, while renewable energy is encouraged, buying and selling excess electricity pose challenges due to its unstability and dependence on weather conditions

By Sophia Gonzalez

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