Monthly Update on El Niño and La Niña Response – May 2024 – Issue 3 – Global Perspective

Despite the end of El Niño, its devastating effects are still being felt, particularly in Eastern and Southern Africa. Scientists predict a transition to La Niña by July-September with a 69% chance and an 85% likelihood by the end of the year. Disaster management professionals are already preparing for the potential impacts of La Niña.

Over the past few weeks, floods have affected over a million people in countries like Kenya, Brazil, and Pakistan. Eastern Africa has seen significant loss of life due to these floods while South-East Asia is experiencing a severe heatwave. Southern Africa is facing potential crop failures due to drought.

The international and regional community is increasing its efforts to address these challenges, which is a positive step. However, more action is needed as humanitarian needs are currently underfunded, leaving those on the ground to suffer the consequences. Climate events and natural disasters pose significant threats to communities around the world, highlighting the urgent need for global cooperation and investment in disaster mitigation efforts.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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