Union reports hundreds of patients dying in Mozambique due to health workers’ strike

Health care in Mozambique is severely limited, resulting in over 1,000 reported deaths during a strike by health workers. The strike, initiated by 50,000 union members, began after failed negotiations over working conditions. While doctors are not on strike, many health facilities do not employ them, leading to a lack of care for patients in provinces like Inhambane and Sofala.

The situation has been exacerbated by the government’s neglect of the healthcare system. Union leader Anselmo Muchave highlighted the dire conditions faced by health workers due to a lack of overtime allowances and inadequate medical equipment. Patients are struggling to access medical supplies, food, and transportation as a result of the strike.

Health infrastructure challenges such as a shortage of doctors and limited availability of essential medicines have been further complicated by the strike. Many Mozambicans have to walk long distances to reach a health facility, with medicine shortages being common. There is also a lack of essential resources and support for health workers on the front lines.

The USAid has accused the government of neglecting healthcare services in Mozambique. The strike has brought attention to the urgent need for improved healthcare services in the country. Patients are facing significant challenges in accessing care while health workers are struggling to provide essential services amidst inadequate support and resources.

In conclusion, access to healthcare in Mozambique is severely limited due to various factors including neglected infrastructure and low wages for healthcare workers. The current crisis highlights the need for urgent action from both government officials and international organizations to address these issues and improve healthcare services for all citizens of Mozambique.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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