Collaboration between medicine and business results in innovative solution for battlefield blood supply and distribution – News

Lt. Col. Andrew Hall, a surgeon in the United States Air Force and an MBA student graduating in 2024, is acutely aware of the critical role that blood plays in treating combat casualties. As part of the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), Lt. Col. Hall is dedicated to ensuring that military missions receive the necessary support to save the lives of injured U.S. service members.

In his role, Lt. Col. Hall recognizes that blood is a finite resource, and finding effective ways to supply and utilize it is essential. He understands the challenges involved in supplying blood during combat situations, including limited shelf life, transportation and storage requirements, and safety regulations.

Despite these obstacles, Lt. Col. Hall is determined to find a solution to ensure an adequate blood supply for military missions. His clear goal is to address the complexities of blood supply in combat scenarios and provide the appropriate quantity of blood to support the care required for injured service members.

By identifying and overcoming barriers to blood supply, Lt. Col. Hall hopes to improve outcomes for U.S. military personnel in need of urgent medical treatment.

In conclusion, Lt. Col

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