Mayor Purzycki Commemorates The Dermatology Specialists’ Arrival to Wilmington’s Downtown Business District

The Dermatology Specialists has opened its second location in Delaware, celebrating the occasion at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony held in the Downtown Business District of Wilmington. Mayor Mike Purzycki welcomed the renowned dermatology group from the Northeast, which has expanded its reach to meet the demand for dermatological services in the city. The new office is located at the former site of CVS Pharmacy, Inc., highlighting their commitment to providing quality care to residents across the region.

Mayor Purzycki commended the revitalization of Market Street and expressed gratitude to those behind the project. He welcomed The Dermatology Specialists as a valuable addition to the community, recognizing the importance of their services in meeting healthcare needs. Dr. Michael Saruk, Medical Director of Delaware for The Dermatology Specialists, emphasized their dedication to providing quality care for all Wilmington residents.

The Wilmington office will be open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with walk-ins welcome. Interested individuals can learn more about their services on their website at or schedule an appointment by calling (302) 654-7171 or visiting their new location at 801 North Market Street in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.

The Dermatology Specialists is a New York-based practice with 47 locations nationwide, including this new one in Wilmington, committed to offering accessible and comprehensive skincare services that cater to residents’ diverse needs and expectations.

In conclusion, The Dermatology Specialists’ opening marks another milestone in delivering high-quality dermatological services to patients across Delaware and beyond through their expanded network of clinics and medical professionals dedicated to providing excellent care that meets or exceeds industry standards while keeping up with technology advancements and regulatory requirements.

As such, we congratulate Mayor Mike Purzycki on his efforts towards revitalizing Market Street and bringing much-needed healthcare services like those offered by The Dermatology Specialists into our community for everyone’s benefit!

By Sophia Gonzalez

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