Amazon is replacing Just Walk Out technology with Dash Carts in its grocery stores

Amazon is set to phase out its Just Walk Out technology in its grocery stores, replacing it with Dash Carts. This move comes as part of the company’s efforts to improve the overall customer experience and efficiency in its stores. The Just Walk Out system, which used cameras and sensors to track items customers grabbed, had human reviewers to ensure accuracy but was too slow for customers and too expensive for companies to implement.

Dash Carts are a more efficient alternative that involve scanning a QR code to start a session, scanning products as they’re added to the cart, and exiting through the Dash Cart lane or checking out at a register. While the Just Walk Out technology will be phased out in most Amazon Fresh stores, it will still be used in some Fresh stores in the UK and Amazon Go stores. It will also continue to be available at ballparks that use it.

The decision highlights Amazon’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience and making its stores more efficient. Despite initial excitement surrounding the Just Walk Out technology, concerns about data collection and accuracy issues led to this transition. With Dash Carts, customers can now receive their receipts quickly and efficiently without relying on human reviewers for accuracy checks.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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