British government proposes establishing minimum age requirement for schools

The government in Great Britain is considering implementing a minimum age for sex education in schools, according to reports from sources including the BBC. It is suggested that sex education should only be allowed from the age of nine in the future, with topics like trans identity no longer being included in the curriculum. The Times also reported that discussions about sexual intercourse should not occur in schools before the age of 13. Secretary of State Chris Philp declined to directly comment on the reports but expressed concern about exposing younger children to sexual content too early.

In an interview with Times Radio, Philp emphasized the importance of not confronting younger children with sexual content in the classroom at a young age. He also discussed the controversial nature of teaching about trans identity in schools, stating that it should not necessarily be presented as fact. Despite being responsible for the police, Philp’s comments suggest that the government is considering significant changes to sex education in schools.

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