The sonar system is now providing accurate monthly trade data after sending mixed signals.

NASA recently announced that the Voyager 1 probe has started sending usable data back to Earth. The Voyager 1 is the farthest human-made object sent into space and had stopped transmitting readable data in mid-November. Despite this, it was still able to receive commands.

In March, Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory discovered that the issue was caused by a faulty chip. To address this problem, they developed a unique coding solution that worked within the memory limitations of the probe’s 46-year-old computer system. NASA stated that the spacecraft is now providing information about its technical systems’ health and status, with plans to enable it to transmit scientific data again.

Launched in 1977, Voyager 1 became humanity’s first spacecraft to reach interstellar space in 2012. It is currently over 15 billion miles away from Earth, with messages taking approximately 22.5 hours to reach the probe. In 2018, the Voyager 2 probe also left our solar system.

Both Voyager probes contain gold-plated copper plates with information about Earth, intended for extraterrestrials. These plates include a map of our solar system and a piece of uranium functioning as a radioactive clock. The goal is to allow recipients to determine when the probe was launched.

The contents of the discs were carefully selected by a NASA committee led by astronomer Carl Sagan. They consist of coded images of life on Earth, music, and instructions for playing the disc. It is anticipated that the probes’ power sources will be depleted after 2025, leaving them to drift silently in the Milky Way.[/

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