45 American Families with a Net Worth Exceeding $10 Billion, Waltons Surpass Elon Musk in Wealth

The wealthiest families in America are no longer the ones we think of when we imagine billionaires. According to Forbes, there are now 45 American families with a net worth of at least $10 billion, and they have surpassed Elon Musk’s net worth of about $202 billion. These families have built their wealth through a variety of means, including owning private companies or maintaining ownership stakes in public companies they helped build.

One such family is the Waltons, who own approximately 45% of Walmart and have a combined net worth of $267 billion as of January 16. The Mars family is the second wealthiest, with a fortune of $117 billion. Other well-known families such as Koch, Lauder, Hearst, and Marriott are also listed.

However, not all wealthy families made it onto the Forbes list due to reasons such as stock-price performance, legal disputes, taxes on stock sales, and charitable giving. Some notable names like Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Getty were omitted for these reasons.

The descendants of John D. Rockefeller barely made it onto the list with a fortune of $10.3 billion despite being one of the richest men in America during his prime. However, some families have sold their stakes in businesses and still managed to maintain vast generational wealth. For example

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