Outdated tech gadgets gathering dust in Spanish households’ drawers

In 2024, a study was conducted on the use and consumption of technology among Spaniards. The findings revealed that about 85 percent of the population in Spain holds onto at least one device that they no longer use. These devices include smartphones, multimedia players, or computer accessories, with old mobile phones being the most popular relic among Spaniards.

The study showed that caution for potential future use, nostalgia, or forgetfulness were the main reasons why people kept these outdated devices at home. However, some individuals saw economic benefits in getting rid of them by selling them or freeing up space at home.

The technology rental service Grover conducted the study and shed light on Spaniards’ habits when it comes to keeping obsolete technology at home. The results showed that almost three-quarters of the population stored multiple outdated technological products, with smartphones being the most common among them. Despite this inclination to hold onto these devices, many people are considering parting ways with them for various reasons.

In conclusion, while many Spaniards hold onto old electronic devices out of sentimentality or caution for future use, others see economic benefits in getting rid of them. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends and not cling to outdated devices that take up valuable space and resources.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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