The largest societal transformation in a century is currently underway and expected to intensify

As we look to the future, change is inevitable and will only continue to intensify. This shift represents one of the most significant social changes since World War II, with a focus on sustainability across all industries. Futurologist Martin Kruse emphasized the importance of adaptation during his lecture at the Future Tense conference powered by Lürssen. He urged society to recognize the broader perspective of sustainability and its impact on various aspects of our lives.

Kruse, a senior advisor at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Research, has spent over 20 years studying sustainability, innovation, and future strategic thinking. In his lecture on “Sustainable Trends: Reshaping the Business Landscape,” he discussed strategies to reduce greenhouse gases, preserve biodiversity, and the significant impact of these changes on the business world. According to Kruse, this transformation will revolutionize business practices, requiring companies to develop preparation strategies for multiple future scenarios.

During the conference, various regional and local experts addressed topics related to sustainability and its influence on different industries. The speakers included professionals from Lürssen, Rijeka’s Maritime Center of Excellence, Atlantic Grupa, and the Agency for Hydrocarbons. The conference was sponsored by reputable organizations like the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Ministry of Science and Education and aimed to equip decision-makers with the tools needed to navigate and shape future business roles in a changing world.

In conclusion, change is here to stay, and it will only continue to grow more significant and intense. This shift represents one of the most substantial social changes since World War II, focusing on sustainability across all industries. It is essential that society recognizes this broader perspective of sustainability’s impact on our lives and takes action accordingly.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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