Organizers advocate for Uptown Business Improvement District in Butte

Uptown Butte is on the brink of transformation thanks to a group of organizers who are determined to make it a vibrant and thriving community. They have been canvasing door-to-door, hoping to attract more businesses and fill empty retail spaces.

One of the driving forces behind this movement is Shanna Adams, co-owner of the Finlen Hotel, who envisions Uptown as the next big thing in Montana. She believes that with its historic buildings and rich history, Uptown has the potential to become an incredible downtown area that attracts visitors and locals alike.

To make this vision a reality, organizers are seeking to establish a Business Improvement District. This would involve property owners contributing additional funds through local property taxes, which would then be used for beautification projects, street maintenance, and promotional marketing for businesses within the district. The model has proven successful in other communities and organizers see it as an opportunity to unlock Uptown’s full potential.

Despite being the largest town in Montana without an improvement district, advocates in Butte are determined to change that. They believe that by forming one, Uptown would have access to resources and support that could help transform it into a thriving business and cultural hub.

To move forward with the establishment of the district, organizers need signed petitions from 60% of property owners within the proposed area by July 31st. Celeste Johnston, owner of Jade Hair Salon, is one such property owner who believes that Uptown Butte can benefit greatly from these improvements. She sees the potential for positive change and hopes that the community will come together to support this initiative.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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