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The stakes are high in South Africa as polls have opened for the country’s most critical election since the end of Apartheid. The ruling African National Congress (ANC), which was once led by Nelson Mandela, is facing significant challenges including corruption, power failures, high unemployment and poverty. These issues have put the party at risk of losing power for the first time since the end of white-rule in 1994.

The ANC, which leans towards the left, is currently polling around 43%. Its main competitors are the Democratic Alliance with 19% support, a pro-business and largely white-led party, the new uMkhonto we Sizwe party led by former ANC leader Jacob Zuma (14%), and the quasi-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (11%).

Despite these challenges, there is still a possibility that the ANC could retain power due to strong support in rural areas. If they manage to secure between 45% and 50% of the vote, they may form alliances with smaller parties that align with their ideology. However, if their support falls below 45%, they may be forced to form coalitions with either the Democratic Alliance or the Economic Freedom Fighters.

The outcome of this election will have a significant impact on South Africa’s future political landscape. Polls close on Wednesday night and final results are expected to be announced on Saturday.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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