Rita Patiño: The Indigenous Mexican Wrongly Locked Up in a US Psychiatric Hospital for 12 years due to Language Barrier

On June 8, 1983, a woman named Rita Patiño Quintero was discovered in a Methodist temple in Kansas. She was an indigenous Rarámuri woman from Chihuahua, Mexico and had been found eating raw eggs while wearing dirty clothes and appearing confused. Due to the language barrier, police were unable to communicate with her, resulting in her eventual loss of freedom for the next 12 years.

Rita’s life had been marked by struggles and myths, with instances of exclusion, medical violence, and institutional bureaucracy. Despite her difficulties, she had been known for her running abilities due to the challenging terrain in which she lived. However, when faced with the different climate and conditions of Kansas, she may have struggled to adapt.

After ten years of being taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation, Rita’s case was revisited leading to her eventual return to Mexico in 1995. Even though she was finally back home, she still faced challenges due to institutional failures and exploitation that had occurred during her time away.

Despite receiving some compensation for her ordeal, the money meant to help her reintegrate into society was mismanaged. Rita passed away in 2018 after spending many years in isolation due to her difficulty communicating effectively with those around her. Her story is a haunting reminder of the discrimination and challenges faced by marginalized communities when language barriers exist.

Rita’s case highlights the importance of understanding cultural differences and addressing language barriers when working with marginalized communities. It also serves as a reminder that even after returning home from difficult circumstances, individuals may still face ongoing challenges due to systemic failures and exploitation.

The story of Rita Patiño Quintero is a tragic reminder of the discrimination faced by indigenous communities in Mexico and beyond. It is important that we continue to advocate for their rights and work towards creating a more inclusive society where everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities.

Overall, Rita’s story underscores the need for greater empathy and understanding towards marginalized communities who face unique challenges due to language barriers or cultural differences. As journalists it is our responsibility

By Sophia Gonzalez

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