Bill Callahan of the Titans praises JC Latham’s exceptional work ethic

JC Latham, the Tennessee Titans’ 2024 first-round pick and offensive tackle, has been receiving high praise from his coaches and teammates during organized team activities. Bill Callahan, the offensive line coach, has been particularly impressed with Latham’s work ethic and dedication to improving. After the team’s final practice of organized team activities, Callahan spoke highly of Latham’s commitment and determination.

What sets Latham apart from other first-round picks that Callahan has worked with is his mental approach to the game. Latham is always willing to put in extra work and is out on the field every day trying to improve. Callahan shared a story about how he had to chase Latham out of the rain a few weeks ago, highlighting Latham’s determination and work ethic. He described Latham as a perfectionist who is obsessed with getting everything right, making him an inspiration for others in the room.

As a highly experienced coach, Callahan’s praise for Latham carries weight and significance. In addition to his coaches, Latham has also spoken about his work ethic, citing NBA legend Kobe Bryant as a major inspiration. He mentioned that he started ramping up his efforts back in high school when he made the switch from defensive line to offensive line. Latham’s dedication and drive to improve have impressed both his coaches and teammates alike.

In conclusion, JC Latham’s commitment to his craft and his relentless pursuit of perfection make him a valuable asset to the Tennessee Titans. His work ethic and determination serve as an inspiration for others in the locker room, making him a player to watch as he continues to develop and grow in the NFL.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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