Top Technology Industry Billionaires as of February 09, 2024

As of February 9, 2024, the technology industry is home to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Jeff Bezos leads the pack with a staggering net worth of $191.9 billion, followed closely by Mark Zuckerberg with $165.5 billion.

Larry Ellison and Bill Gates come in third and fourth place, with net worths of $144.7 billion and $124.5 billion, respectively. Larry Page and Steve Ballmer occupy the fifth and sixth spots, with net worths of $122.1 billion and $121.2 billion, while Sergey Brin follows in seventh place with $117.0 billion.

Michael Dell, Jensen Huang, and Colin Huang round out the top ten, with net worths of $72.6 billion, $61.6 billion, and $44.6 billion, respectively. These individuals’ fortunes represent the wealth and influence within the technology industry, with their innovations and contributions shaping the digital landscape.

The list continues with individuals like Zhang Yiming, Shiv Nadar, MacKenzie Scott, William Ding

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