FT Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden by 11 Points on Economy

A recent survey commissioned by the Financial Times revealed that more Americans trust President Donald Trump to handle the US economy than President Joe Biden. According to the poll conducted by the FT/University of Michigan Ross School of Business, 42% of Americans felt Trump would be the better steward for the economy, while 31% chose Biden and 21% said they trusted neither candidate.

The monthly polling series, first conducted in November, aims to track voter sentiment on the economy in the lead-up to the presidential election. Despite voters reporting some improvements in their personal financial circumstances and their outlook for the overall economy, Trump’s strength in this month’s survey comes as a surprise.

The online poll of 1,006 registered voters across the US was conducted Feb. 2-Feb. 5 by the Democratic strategists Global Strategy Group and Republican polling firm North Star Opinion Research. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

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