Trust Stamp forms strategic partnership with ManTech to utilize AI-Powered Identity Management Technology

Trust Stamp Inc. President Andrew Gowasack recently announced a major milestone for the company on Proactive with Steve Darling. The company has entered into a Teaming Agreement with ManTech, which will bring Trust Stamp’s advanced AI-Powered, Privacy-First identity authentication technologies into ManTech’s extensive portfolio.

According to Gowasack, the strategic alliance between the two companies can be traced back to the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a partner of ManTech. Trust Stamp’s graduation from ATDC as a Signature Portfolio company demonstrates their technology’s potential to create trusted connections across various sectors.

Gowasack highlighted that ManTech’s reputation for successful government engagements and advanced analytics positions them as an ideal partner for Trust Stamp. Together, they aim to provide a premier trust and identity solution tailored to the unique needs of government customers.

The Teaming Agreement is a fusion of innovative capabilities and domain expertise, signifying a potential revolution in identity authentication and trust-building in the government sector. The collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on technology and government services, empowering organizations with tools to navigate the complex landscape of modern data security and privacy.

Trust Stamp and ManTech’s partnership has the potential to make a profound impact in the world of technology and government services, aligning with the principles of Zero Trust.

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