Twisted graphene creates 1D superconductors through domain walls – Physics World

A recent study published in Physics World has shown that domain walls in twisted graphene can create one-dimensional superconductors. This discovery offers new insights into the properties of twisted graphene and the potential for developing novel superconducting materials.

Investigators discovered that domain walls – regions where the crystal lattice of the material changes orientation – act as boundaries that confine the superconducting properties to one dimension. This creates a unique environment where electrons can move freely without encountering any obstacles.

The research sheds light on the underlying physics of these materials, as researchers are studying how domain walls influence the flow of electrons and the formation of superconducting states. By understanding these mechanisms, scientists hope to unlock new possibilities for practical applications, such as developing high-performance electronic devices and energy-efficient technologies.

This study is an important step towards harnessing the potential of twisted graphene for practical applications, and it provides valuable insights into the fundamental physics of these materials.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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