Elon Musk is Scheduled to Speak at Cannes Advertising Conference

As the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk has transformed the company into a new platform known as “X”. However, his efforts to shift away from advertising revenue and focus on other sources of income have not been successful. Despite this, Musk is set to attend the Cannes Lions ad summit next week in France to discuss technological innovation, AI’s impact on creativity, business and society, as well as the future of X. It remains unclear whether he will attend in person or virtually.

The Cannes Lions ad summit is considered the largest event in the ad industry, with many Big Tech companies present to attract advertisers. Musk’s attendance at this year’s event marks a departure from his previous avoidance of ad-related events. His CEO Linda Yaccarino is also scheduled to attend.

Since acquiring Twitter in 2022, Musk has faced declining advertising revenue due to strained relationships with ad buyers. While he has expressed his vision for a future where the company generates income from subscriptions and other sources beyond advertising, alternative revenue streams have not materialized yet. Advertisers remain cautious and hesitant to work with Twitter/X.

Despite these challenges, Musk will join other industry professionals at the Cannes Lions ad summit for discussions on various topics related to technology, creativity, business and society. Attendees can also look forward to meeting Business Insider correspondents covering the event.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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