Raimondo: U.S. Indo Pacific economic engagement is not centered around China

During a recent meeting in Singapore, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo emphasized the importance of a strong American presence in the Indo-Pacific region to maintain security and stability. Raimondo acknowledged China’s investments in the region but emphasized that the United States’ involvement is not about countering China, but rather about strengthening ties within the region.

In bilateral meetings with partner countries, Raimondo discussed various issues, including climate objectives and demonstrated the commitment of the United States to actively engage with the region. Singapore’s Prime Minister Lawrence Wong expressed support for increased U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia, reinforcing the longstanding advocacy of Singapore for American engagement in the region.

Raimondo clarified that the United States does not dictate how countries in the region should conduct their economic relations with China. However, she highlighted the efforts of the United States to provide technology, technical assistance, and capital to support the region’s economic development. At a recent G7 meeting, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen raised concerns about China’s state-driven industrial policies, particularly regarding industrial overcapacity and its impact on global prices.

Raimondo pointed out that when China floods the market with subsidized products, it undermines global prices and threatens the security of all countries. She emphasized the importance of collective action to address these challenges and send a strong message to China as countries in the region navigate their economic relationships with China.

In addition to discussing economic relations with China, Raimondo also highlighted other issues during her bilateral meetings with partner countries, such as cybersecurity threats and regional terrorism concerns.

Singapore has long been an advocate for increased U.S. engagement in Southeast Asia and was pleased by Raimondo’s visit and messages of support for regional stability and security.

Overall, Raimondo’s trip to Singapore was seen as an important signal of continued U.S. interest in maintaining its presence in Asia-Pacific and building stronger partnerships with key allies in this critical region.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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