British defense attache expelled from Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of British defense attaché Adrian Coghill in response to similar actions taken by London last week. This move comes after British Home Secretary James Cleverly announced the expulsion of the Russian defense attaché and the removal of diplomatic status for several Moscow-related establishments in the UK, citing a “malicious act” from Russia.

In April, a British man was accused of conducting hostile acts to benefit Russia, including recruiting individuals to set fire to a Ukrainian-related commercial facility in London. The Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed Britain’s accusations as completely absurd and part of an information warfare operation.

Russia has described this as a politically motivated action with an anti-Russian nature that damages bilateral relations. The UK has imposed sanctions on Russian entities and individuals since Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine in February 2022. Minister Cleverly reaffirmed the UK government’s support for Ukraine and stated that they will continue their efforts in the face of Russian aggression. NATO members have expressed deep concern over recent activities believed to be carried out by Russia in several European countries.

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that their response to the unfriendly actions by the British side will not end with Coghill’s expulsion, and further retaliation will be taken against those who initiated the escalation. The British embassy representative in Moscow was summoned to announce this decision, though UK officials have not yet commented on Russia’s move.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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