23 out of 32 Russian suicide bombers were shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during a night operation.

Last night, the Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 23 out of 32 suicide bombers launched by Russian forces. On February 9, Russian troops carried out another attack against critical infrastructure and industrial facilities in Ukraine using a kamikaze UAV “Shahed-136/131” (Geranium-2/1). Explosions were reported in several regions including Kharkov, Kherson, Nikolaev, and Odessa.

The head of the Kharkov regional military administration, Oleg Sinegubov, confirmed that at least seven people had died as a result of the Russian attacks on Kharkov. Among the casualties were three children: a six-month-old baby and two children aged four and seven years old. The use of such destructive weapons by Russia highlights the severity of the situation facing Ukraine.

Despite their best efforts, the Ukrainian air defense forces were not able to prevent all of the suicide bombers from reaching their targets. However, they managed to take down most of them, indicating that their defenses are improving. Nevertheless, Russia’s continued attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure and facilities are causing significant harm and damage to the country’s people and economy.

The tragic loss of life and widespread destruction caused by these attacks highlight the urgent need for peace in Ukraine. The international community must work together to put an end to this conflict and ensure that justice is served for those who have suffered at the hands of Russian aggression.

In conclusion, it is clear that Russia’s latest attack against Ukraine was a devastating one. The Ukrainian air defense forces did their best to defend their country but were ultimately unsuccessful in preventing all of the suicide bombers from reaching their targets. Tragically, this attack resulted in several fatalities and widespread destruction across multiple regions in Ukraine. It is imperative that we work towards bringing an end to this conflict as soon as possible before more innocent lives are lost or further damage is done to Ukraine’s economy and infrastructure.

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