NBC4 Washington Reports: ATM Stolen from Landover Sports and Learning Center

On Thursday night, the Wayne Curry Sports and Learning Center in Landover became the target of ATM thieves. The thieves broke into the center and stole the ATM machine, leaving regular patrons surprised and concerned upon arrival at the center on Friday morning.

The Wayne Curry Sports and Learning Center is a vital part of the community, with its fields and tracks being popular among seniors and those looking for exercise. The theft raised concerns among community members, who questioned why the thieves would target the ATMs in the building, especially since they don’t always have cash. Some patrons believe that the theft was an act of desperation, brought on by a need for help.

A press conference was held on Thursday by Prince George’s County Police Chief Malik Aziz and Maryland Congressman Glenn Ivey to address the issue of ATM thefts. They discussed the Safe Access to Cash Act, which would allow law enforcement agencies to investigate ATM thefts conducted by organized criminal groups more effectively. Chief Aziz highlighted the seriousness of these types of crimes, noting that they can become increasingly violent and pose a threat to public safety. If passed, fines could result from an investigation into these types of crimes.

The Maryland-National Capital Park Police are currently investigating this latest theft from the Wayne Curry Sports and Learning Center as part of their efforts to combat crime in Landover and surrounding areas.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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