Crossroads District Businesses Remain Optimistic as Voters Consider Sales Tax Proposal

Jill Cockson, the owner of Chartreuse Saloon in the Crossroads District, is among the many business owners feeling the weight of uncertainty due to recent developments. Matt Adkins, a Royals fan for 12 years and owner of The Pairing in the area, has also expressed concern about the future of his business and community amidst stadium sales tax vote tension.

Adkins described the atmosphere in the district as tense and anxiety-inducing. He’s stocking his inventory while hoping for a swift resolution to the situation so he can move on with plans for his business. Other businesses in the area share his concerns and are feeling terrified and mentally strained by the uncertainty surrounding them.

Cockson echoed similar sentiments while waiting for the results of the vote. The outcome will determine how they proceed with future plans, with different possibilities depending on whether or not it passes. She emphasized that preserving culture and arts scene in Crossroads is important to her and other business owners who believe that people who contribute to it are what make it special.

The business owners in Crossroads recognize their neighborhood’s value as a hub of creativity and hard work. Despite facing challenges such as stadium sales tax vote, they remain passionate about their neighborhood’s unique character that brings to Kansas City’s culture scene.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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