Unpacking the Minerals Fueling Our Economy and the Identity Crisis of Chinese Companies

Our modern world is heavily dependent on physical resources, despite the widespread belief that we have moved away from reliance on them. Materials from geological processes like coal and quartz power our world, with quartz being a key source of silicon used in computer chips. Three recent books aim to remind readers of the physical reality that underpins the global economy and shed light on the dark secrets of the places, processes, and lived realities that drive our economy and the toll they take on humans and the environment.

If you’re interested in minerals that power our economy, there are stories about a US town torn apart by disagreements over a nickel mine that could unlock billions in EV subsidies. The current print issue of MIT Technology Review explores the theme of Build and offers insights into the intersection of technology, resources, and economics.

For those looking for more tech news, there are stories about blacklisted Chinese firms rebranding as American companies to avoid scrutiny, as well as the dominance of SUVs in car sales and their impact on the climate crisis. Additionally, there are answers to frequently asked questions about electric vehicles, highlighting the ongoing shifts in the automotive industry towards sustainability.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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