Former Agent Reveals Methods of Drug Cartels’ Money Laundering

Robert Mazur, a former government agent, recounts his experiences investigating drug-money laundering in a detailed and captivating manner. Mazur went undercover for multiple agencies including the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service intelligence division, and the Customs Service.

In Operation C-Chase, Mazur successfully infiltrated the notorious Medellín cartel by assuming the persona of a wealthy, mob-connected businessman named Robert Musella. Through this facade, he was able to establish connections with key figures such as Pablo Escobar’s lawyer Gonzalo Mora and his trafficker Roberto Alcaino. The Medellín cartel, at the height of its power, supplied over 80% of all cocaine shipped to the US, amounting to around 15 tons a day.

Moving on to Operation Promo, Mazur posed as an Italian American businessman named Robert Baldasare to expose money-laundering networks linked to the Cali cartel. This powerful cartel, controlled by individuals like Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela, was estimated to have produced 80% of the world’s cocaine supply.

Robert Mazur’s experiences have been immortalized in his book “The Infiltrator,” which has proven to be a New York Times bestseller. This story was also adapted into a film in 2016 starring Bryan Cranston as Mazur. Today, Mazur continues to share his insights on money laundering, drug trafficking, and corruption through his company, KYC Solutions.

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