How digitalisation has influenced the Italian electoral process

The Foundation for Digital Sustainability’s Observatory has released a survey that explores the connections between Italian voters’ political beliefs, their attention to sustainability, and their use of digital technology. This research provides insight into how voters perceive essential issues such as sustainability, climate change, digitalization, and artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to their political views.

Stefano Epifani, President of the Foundation for Digital Sustainability, emphasizes that this analysis offers a precise understanding of Italian voters’ views on digital transformation and sustainability. While it is not an exit poll, the survey allows political parties to develop programs in line with their electorate’s views and raises awareness among both politicians and voters about critical topics that require attention.

The survey reveals that center-left voters tend to prioritize sustainability and view technology as a crucial enabler. They have a higher percentage acknowledging its role compared to center-right voters. Similarly, the 5 Star Movement and Third Pole voters show strong alignment with sustainability goals. However, abstainers generally show lower awareness of the importance of technology in sustainability.

Regarding climate change, center-left voters are more likely to consider it an immediate priority compared to center-right voters. The 5 Star Movement also prioritizes addressing climate change urgently while the Third Pole shows a more divided opinion. AI is seen as both an opportunity and a threat by varying perceptions among different political affiliations.

The survey also highlights differences in awareness of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) among voters of different political parties. Center-left voters appear to be the most informed about the plan while abstainers show the least awareness. Overall, this analysis underscores how Italian voters’ opinions on sustainability and digitalization are influenced by their political orientation.

These insights can serve as a valuable tool for political parties to shape their strategies and engage with voters on important issues like sustainability and digitalization. By understanding their electorate’s views better, parties can address concerns while increasing awareness around these topics’ importance

By Sophia Gonzalez

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