Macron announces delivery of Mirage fighters to Kyiv and training of Ukrainian pilots, surprising many

President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to send French instructors to Ukraine and transfer Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets to the country in a televised interview this Thursday. This move has been unexpected, as Paris had previously stated that delivery of French fighter jets was not a top priority for Ukraine. However, Macron made it clear that France wanted peace but not at the cost of Ukraine’s capitulation.

Macron also announced plans to launch a pilot training program and transfer aircraft to Ukraine to help defend its soil and airspace. The French Minister of the Armed Forces had previously stated that France had few Mirage 2000-5 planes, with the air force operating with minimal resources. However, Macron has now assured that he wants to provide all the necessary support to Ukraine.

There are questions about whether the Mirage 2000-5 aircraft will come from France’s only fighter group or through planes sold abroad, such as those from Greece. Greece is looking to sell its fleet of Mirage 2000-5 planes, potentially addressing the need for Ukraine. Macron aims to have pilots and planes available within six months, despite the time it usually takes to train experienced pilots. The presidential announcement signals a new phase with plans to train a brigade of 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers in France, a significant move that has not been done on this scale before.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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