New Research Shows Having a Dog Increases Physical Activity, Especially in Girls, Supported by Science

As a journalist, I have rewritten the following article to make it unique:

Now Playing: Science Backs Your Pet Plea! Research Reveals Having a Dog Boosts Physical Activity, Especially in Girls! 00:55.

Upcoming Events: Ahead of Chinese New Year, Millions Stranded by Snow Storm 00:42 and Authorities Announce Dengue Fever Outbreak in Brazil Amidst Carnival Festivities 01:11.

Investigating Health Issues: Research Investigates into the Detrimental Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Unhealthy Air on Fetal Development 00:32 and Emerging Variants to Sustain the Persistent Presence of COVID-19 Beyond Seasonal Trends 01:21.

Exploring Space Discoveries: Recent Space Discoveries Provide a Glimpse Into Distant Galaxies 00:38.

Environmental Concerns: How to Eat Healthier Comfort Food to Meet Our Body’s Cold Cravings? 01:02 and Australian Zoo Throws Popsicle Party to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat 00:27.

Wildlife Conservation Efforts: Monarch Butterfly Populations Struggle to Recover After Winter Storms in the U.S. 00:39 and Puppies Rescued from Colombia Wildfires Emerge Unharmed 00:28.

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