Regional Economic Summit: San Diego County Leaders Focus on Advancing Prosperity

The County of San Diego recently hosted its inaugural Regional Economic Summit to discuss economic development and prosperity in the region. The free event took place at the County Operations Center and was attended by numerous business leaders, community members, and government officials.

The summit began with opening remarks from Caroline Smith, Director of the Office of Economic Development and Government Affairs. In her speech, Smith emphasized the importance of equity in economic development and how it is a key component of the County’s economic strategy.

Steve Lockett, Deputy Director of Economic Development and Prosperity, followed Smith’s remarks by discussing the County’s perspective on economic prosperity. He explained that while economic development aims to create businesses and jobs, economic prosperity goes a step further by focusing on equity to improve the resources, opportunities, and standard of living for all residents.

A panel discussion moderated by San Diego Regional EDC President and CEO Mark Cafferty featured a group of County leaders including Sarah Aghassi, Andrew Strong, Dahvia Lynch, and Jennifer Bransford-Koons. During the discussion, they explored the County’s economic efforts, priorities, and perspectives on economic prosperity in the region. They also shared their top economic priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

For those who could not attend the event, a replay of the Regional Economic Summit is available on YouTube. Viewers can hear more about the County’s economic initiatives and strategies to achieve economic prosperity for all residents.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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