Artist Haining from DC and the “Spirit World” Extend Warm Wishes for a Joyful Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is a time of celebration, renewal, and hope that is observed throughout much of the world. This year, the festivities are particularly exciting as it coincides with the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. The dragon is a symbol of good fortune and has been an important cultural icon in Asia for centuries.

As we at DC celebrate this special occasion, we wish all our readers a prosperous and fruitful New Year. We are proud to present an exclusive illustration created by Haining, the artist behind the acclaimed Spirit World miniseries. The artwork features Xanthe Zhou, a “Spirit Envoy” who maintains balance between the worlds of the living and dead.

Xanthe has gained respect from many notable figures like John Constantine due to her ability to create physical objects by burning Chinese joss paper and her mastery of occult arts. However, in Haining’s vibrant Lunar New Year illustration, Xanthe has put aside her concerns for a celebration full of symbolism.

Haining has kindly provided notes on what each element in her artwork means so that you can fully understand its significance. Happy New Year everyone!

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