At the .debug conference in Zagreb, 2,000 attendees and 50 top ICT firms from Croatia.

The fifth annual developer conference .debug attracted over 2,000 participants from around the world to Zagreb to discuss current trends in programming and the ICT profession. With its largest number of exhibitors, products and services of ICT companies on display, along with 100 lectures on six stages in two days (June 6-7), .debug is the largest annual professional conference in Croatia. Organized by IT magazine Bug in partnership with Algebra and HT, it featured 50 of the best Croatian IT companies/employers, most of whom were also exhibitors.

Some of the participating companies included Span, Infinum, Sofascore, Q, Orqa, Devot and Aircash among others. Representatives from three globally known technology companies in the region – Izabel Jelini from Croatian Infobip, Branko Milutinović from Serbian Nordeus and Igor Krezić from Mostar’s NSoft – were also present.

During the opening ceremony, conference director Dragan Petric emphasized the importance of exchanging experiences, knowledge and contacts within the ICT community. He highlighted that .debug serves as an opportunity for new collaborations and employment opportunities for programmers who are currently in high demand. Co-founder Algebra board member Hrvoje Balen further emphasized the need for bringing together the ICT community for education and professional development and announced a conference on leadership and innovation on June 12 in cooperation with American faculty MTI.

Topics covered at .debug included data’s importance for user retention, developing a Croatian platform to help children learn about AI’s impact on productivity, machine learning in business among many others. The conference aimed to provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for professionals within the ICT sector.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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