California High Speed Rail Business Plan for 2024

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is tasked with updating and submitting a Business Plan to the Legislature on May 1. This is in accordance with Public Utilities Code Section 185033. In addition to submitting the final plan, the Authority must also release a draft version for public review and comment at least 60 days prior to submission.

Business plans are published in even-numbered years and provide a comprehensive summary of the high-speed rail program’s current status and the Authority’s implementation approach. These plans include key details such as progress made over the past two years, an evaluation of current challenges and proposed solutions, updated capital cost estimates, and revised ridership and revenue forecasts.

The information contained within these plans provides valuable insights into the strategies and goals of the Authority for the high-speed rail program. By sharing this information with stakeholders, members of the public can better understand how their taxpayer dollars are being spent on this ambitious project.

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