New studies on the consumption of dairy products: what’s the latest?

Observational studies on large populations have shown that moderate consumption of milk and its products, especially low-fat and fermented options like yogurt and cheeses with up to 5% fat content, can lead to better health outcomes in children’s development and blood pressure. Milk and dairy products are the main source of dietary calcium, making them highly important for overall health.

Health organizations now recommend consuming three servings of milk or dairy products daily due to the various proven benefits. Calcium is essential for bone health and other bodily functions, and can also be found in sources like sardines, soy products, broccoli, cabbage, and sesame tahini. To maximize the absorption of calcium from food, it is advised to spread out consumption throughout the day. Consuming smaller amounts of calcium in each meal can lead to higher absorption rates. This information underscores the importance of incorporating calcium-rich foods like milk and dairy products into our daily diets for optimal health benefits.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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