Jeremy Miles details his economic plan for Wales

A sustainable economy that delivers prosperity and increases opportunities for better-paying jobs throughout Wales is crucial for people to flourish. As a journalist, I have discussed the challenges and opportunities of transitioning towards a greener economy with the business and skills audience, emphasizing the benefits of being at the forefront of this movement. Immediate actions include establishing a national economic council, conducting short turn-around reviews in key areas like net zero skills and AI, and organizing regional events for businesses to share their views directly with the Cabinet Secretary.

Developing a national approach to future skills planning across all sectors of the economy is also a priority. The goal is to make Wales an attractive place for young people with innovative ideas to start businesses, whether they are from Wales, studying here, or relocating with a sense of welcome, support, and optimism. The vision is for Wales to be a creative nation where people can thrive, fostering an economic future that benefits everyone in the country.

As an Economy Secretary, I emphasize the importance of a strong economy in supporting the well-being of society. Addressing issues like health and educational inequalities, poverty, and effective public services all rely on the strength of the economy and its impact on prosperity and solidarity. It’s essential that we work together to create an inclusive economy that benefits all members of our community.

In conclusion, transitioning towards a greener economy presents both challenges and opportunities for Wales. By taking immediate action and developing a national approach to future skills planning across all sectors of our economy, we can create an attractive place for young people to start businesses while ensuring that our society flourishes through economic growth and prosperity.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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