Wall Street attempts to surpass all-time high levels on STOCK EXCHANGE

The stock markets on Wall Street ended the week at unprecedented levels, with the S&P 500 up 0.1 percent and the Nasdaq up 0.2 percent at Friday’s market opening, while the Dow Jones was down 0.1 percent. This growth has been fueled by optimism about the economy’s “soft landing,” strong company results, and returns from the boom in artificial intelligence. Despite this, investors are still focused on interest rate prospects, with no significant change expected despite corrected figures on annual inflation development in the country.

The strength of the stock market was also reflected in the results season of American stock exchanges. Pepsico reported lower turnover in the fourth quarter than analyst forecasts, but higher profitability exceeded expectations, with the company expecting profits to increase this year. However, aggressive price increases contributed to a 2.4 percent decrease in Pepsico shares at the opening of the morning market.

Gaming company Take-Two saw a 10.1 percent decrease in shares due to cautious guidance for next year’s revenue growth, despite an upcoming release of its hit game GTA VI in 2025. Analysts predict that even slower inflation rates will continue into next week, with an annual forecast of only 2.9 percent for January – this is predicted to be the slowest inflation rate since early 2021.

Despite these economic developments and unrelated advertisements and articles appearing throughout

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