Mayor spends public funds on fortune teller for years believing he was communicating with deceased father

A recent scandal has rocked the city of Agde, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. At the center of the controversy is Mayor Gilles d’Ettore and a local fortune teller, Sophia Martinez. As reported by the BBC, D’Ettore, a former police officer, was under investigation due to allegations of corruption, while Martinez faced charges of fraud.

The scandal unfolded when it was revealed that D’Ettore had used taxpayer money to fund extravagant luxuries for Martinez in exchange for her services as a fortune teller. Over four years, Martinez managed to deceive and manipulate the mayor both in person and over the phone, receiving gifts like luxury vacations and home renovations in return.

Martinez, known for her supposed ability to communicate with the dead, had claimed to be speaking with D’Ettore’s deceased father during a seance. However, locals speculated that beyond money, sexual favors may have also been involved in their illicit relationship.

D’Ettore’s lawyer Jean Marc Darrigade commented on the scandal, emphasizing how easy it was for his client to be manipulated due to his position in politics. Currently, both D’Ettore and Martinez are in custody. The scandal continues to shock and intrigue residents of Agde as they try to make sense of what happened.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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