Advanced DNA technology leads to major breakthrough in identifying remains of Placer County cold case

In a groundbreaking discovery, advanced DNA technology has helped identify the remains of a woman who vanished around 1980 in Placer County. The victim was 18-month-old Patricia Rose, whose skeletal remains were found in a heavily wooded area in Applegate but were never identified. A newspaper clipping with a reconstruction of what the victim looked like before her death was put out years ago, but no family links were found.

In 2005, the remains were sent to another California lab to generate new leads, but no progress was made. Years later, Othram Lab stepped in to help identify the remains using their advanced genealogy sequencing techniques that can trace relatives as far as sixth cousins. The lab found a sibling of the victim living in Oregon and a sister who went missing around 1980 out of Placer County.

Othram Lab spoke about their experience working on this case, saying, “It’s a great feeling to be part of such groundbreaking technology. We put a lot of effort into making sure that we’re generating really good data for investigators to utilize. Our job is to give them another lead that they otherwise wouldn’t have because they’ve tried everything else.” With this new lead, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office is now asking anyone with any information about Patricia Rose to come forward.

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