Opponent refuses to sign Maduro’s document regarding elections

Venezuela’s political landscape remains uncertain as the country approaches its presidential election, scheduled for July 28th. The main opposition parties to Chavismo, led by Edmundo González Urrutia of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), have rejected Nicolás Maduro’s proposal to sign a document recognizing the results of the upcoming election.

González Urrutia stated that there was no reason to sign such an agreement, as the government had a history of violating agreements. The opposition remained skeptical of Maduro’s claims to believe in the electoral system and Venezuelan democracy. Despite his promises to engage in a “great national dialogue” after the elections, Maduro has also sought to retain power through electoral means.

Maduro made his suggestion during his program “Con Maduro+,” expressing his willingness to sign an agreement recognizing the election results before the National Electoral Council (CNE), controlled by Chavismo. However, the opposition pointed out that the Barbados Agreement, which promised international observers but excluded the European Union from sending a team, was not fully complied with by the regime. The agreement also supposedly removed political disqualifications, which were later reinforced by the Venezuelan Supreme Court, also controlled by Chavismo.

In conclusion, despite Maduro’s efforts to engage in dialogue and ensure a free and fair election, tensions between him and opposition parties remain high. As Venezuela approaches its presidential election, uncertainty continues to loom over its political landscape.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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