The conclusion of Viafin’s share buyback program

Viafin Service, a maintenance company, recently announced the successful completion of its buyback program for own shares. The company acquired 27,338 shares at an average price of 12.7528 euros, resulting in a total value of 348,636.05 euros. These shares can be utilized for various purposes such as developing the company’s capital structure, incentivizing key personnel, paying share bonuses to board members or other objectives. Currently, Viafin owns 123,312 shares out of a total of 3,628,795 shares in the company.

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In summary, Viafin Service has successfully completed its buyback program for own shares with a total value of €348,636 acquired between June 9th 2023 and March 31st 2024 at an average price of €12.7528 euros per share.

The company currently owns approximately 123k out of a total of over 3M shares in the business.

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