Vodafone raises prices for landline services

Vodafone has announced unilateral remodulations for some fixed line contracts on its official website. The operator has not specified the exact offers that will be subject to these changes, but customers can expect their monthly rates to increase by 2 to 3 euros.

Vodafone explains that these changes are necessary in order to continue investing in the network and effectively respond to new traffic needs. The company values its customers’ satisfaction and wants to ensure that they have access to reliable and fast internet services.

Customers whose contracts will be subject to unilateral remodulation have the option to not accept the changes and withdraw from the contract without incurring additional costs within 60 days from receiving Vodafone’s communication. The only condition is that the cancellation must be communicated within this timeframe. If a customer sees their rates increase, they will receive a communication included in their invoice with a minimum 60-day withdrawal period.

Vodafone customers can exercise their right of withdrawal through various channels, including the official Vodafone website, physical stores, sending a registered letter with return receipt to the Vodafone Customer Service address, sending a PEC (Professional Electronic Certification) email address@vodafone.pec.it or by calling 190 and specifying the reason for withdrawal.

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