This Company Breaks Sweden’s Dividend Record

Volvo is making history as its general meeting recently decided to pay the largest dividend ever in the history of the Swedish stock market. The company’s shareholders will receive a dividend of SEK 7.5 per share, along with an additional dividend of SEK 10.5 per share, resulting in a total distribution of 36.6 billion kroner or about 3.2 billion euros. This decision by Volvo’s general meeting represents a significant increase from the previous dividend record set in 2021, where the company distributed 30.5 billion kroner to its shareholders.

In the previous year, Volvo reported earnings per share of 24.5 crowns, and as of recently, Volvo’s closing share price stood at SEK 317.95. This remarkable decision by Volvo’s general meeting highlights the company’s financial strength and commitment to its stakeholders.

For more information about Volvo’s record-breaking dividend distribution, you can visit [insert link here].

By Sophia Gonzalez

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