WhatsApp Launches Enhanced Security Feature to Guard Users Against Phishing Scams | Technology Update

WhatsApp has been plagued with phishing scams, which have resulted in millions of users falling victim and losing personal data and money. In response to this, Meta has introduced a new feature to protect its users from such attempts. The feature allows users to quickly block a contact without opening the message first, making it easier for them to identify and prevent phishing attempts.

The new feature is not only convenient but also provides education to users on how to identify phishing attempts. It alerts them about common signs such as spelling or grammar errors, requests for personal information or clicking on links, which are often used by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive information.

Phishing and smishing attempts are becoming increasingly common as cybercriminals use instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp to target large numbers of people with urgent and important-looking messages. With over 2.78 billion users globally, it’s easy for attackers to reach a wide audience. To combat this issue, WhatsApp has introduced features such as silent unknown numbers and the ability to report a number, allowing the app to analyze and permanently delete suspicious accounts.

In addition, the latest version of WhatsApp now allows users to block a message from an unknown number without having to open the app first by simply clicking on the lock screen notification. This streamlines the process of identifying and preventing unwanted contacts by providing easy access to safety tools that allow users to report or block phone numbers at any time.

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