Wingnutz to Shut Down Location Within Froth Brewing

Wingnutz has announced the closure of their North Buffalo location inside Froth Brewing Co. They are shifting their focus to their new location, Wingnutz Bar & Grill, on Millersport Highway in Williamsville. The closure of the North Buffalo location comes after their partnership with Froth Brewing Co. since December 1st, 2022.

The Wingnutz team expressed their gratitude to their loyal fans and customers for their support. They are looking forward to welcoming them at their new location soon. They also extended their thanks to Froth Brewing for the successful partnership, which they value and appreciate.

Meanwhile, Froth Brewing Co. has announced plans to reopen the kitchen in a few weeks and run it in-house. They are excited about the future and have big culinary plans in store for their patrons. Starting April 8, Wingnutz Bar & Grill will be open seven days a week at their Williamsville location.

Froth Brewing Co. expressed their appreciation for the partnership with Wingnutz and congratulated them on their continued success. They are taking over the kitchen operations to implement their culinary vision. The kitchen will undergo renovations, leading to a temporary closure, but they promise that the wait will be worth it for their customers.

In conclusion, Wingnutz is excited about its new venture and looks forward to serving its loyal fans and customers at its new location while thanking Froth Brewing Co. for a successful partnership that they value highly.

Wingnutz’s announcement of closing its North Buffalo location inside Froth Brewing Co., sparked excitement among food enthusiasts as they eagerly awaited news of its new home – Wingnutz Bar & Grill on Millersport Highway in Williamsville.

Fans were grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting Wingnutz’s culinary creations and expressed disappointment that they would no longer be able to visit the North Buffalo location.

However, the team behind Wingnutz was determined not to let this setback hold them back from continuing to provide top-notch service and delicious food options.

As a result, they decided to shift focus towards opening up a new restaurant called “Wingnutz Bar & Grill” located on Millersport Highway in Williamsville.

This decision was met with enthusiasm by many locals who were eagerly anticipating trying out this new venture.

The closure of the North Buffalo location came after years of successful partnership with Froth Brewing Co., which started back in December 1st, 2022.

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