Worldline payment processor plans to reduce workforce, including in Belgium

The French company Worldline, a specialist in electronic payments, has announced plans to reduce up to 8 percent of its workforce. This could mean more than 1,400 jobs being eliminated across the globe. Though the company did not specify where the job cuts will take place in their announcement, the press service of Worldline Belgium has stated that the Belgian operations will be affected. The company has approximately 1,400 employees in Belgium spread across offices in Evere and Zaventem.

Worldline has stressed that it intends to prioritize social dialogue in the downsizing process. They aim to achieve the job cuts through voluntary departures where possible. The company has emphasized its commitment to handling the situation with care and facilitating constructive communication with its employees.

In addition to the news about job cuts, Worldline has also highlighted the importance of social dialogue and minimizing the impact on employees. Their strategy for job cuts will focus on voluntary departures, and they are committed to maintaining open and constructive communication throughout the process.

This decision by Worldline is a significant blow for many employees who may face unemployment or reduced hours. However, it’s important for companies like this one to prioritize social dialogue and minimize any negative impact on their workforce during these challenging times.

The company’s commitment to social dialogue is commendable as it shows that they value their employees’ contributions and are willing to work together with them during this difficult period. It’s essential for all companies facing similar challenges to follow Worldline’s lead and prioritize social dialogue when making decisions that affect their workforce.

Overall, while this news may be concerning for many employees at Worldline, it’s important for them to remember that there are other options available for those facing layoffs or reduced hours. Job search platforms, training programs, and government assistance programs can help individuals find new opportunities and move forward with their careers.

It remains to be seen what specific actions Worldline will take in terms of implementing these job cuts. However, by prioritizing social dialogue and voluntary departures, they are taking steps towards minimizing any negative impact on their workforce during this challenging time.

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