Former WWE members from Hurt Business and Hit Row team up to form a new tag team

Cedric Alexander and Ashante “Thee” Adonis have found themselves in a new direction after their former teams, The Hurt Business and Hit Row 2.0, disbanded in 2022 and last fall, respectively. Their former teammates are now working with Street Profits as a unit, leaving Alexander and Adonis to work a dark match as a team in December and formally introduce themselves in a “digital exclusive” video after the Feb. 9 SmackDown.

In the video, the two demonstrated good chemistry and played off each other well, with Alexander rolling his eyes at Adonis’s fashion choices and Adonis mocking Alexander’s nerdy vibe. Despite starting their promotion online rather than on television, it is promising for their future as a tag team, especially during WrestleMania season when TV time is at a premium.

Even though their rollout is starting online, the hope is that by gaining attention on YouTube and social media, they will eventually earn minutes on Raw and SmackDown. For fans like the writer, seeing Cedric Alexander wrestling on the screens again is a definite positive. The potential for the new tag team is exciting, and it brings with it hope for the future of both Alexander and Adonis in the WWE.

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